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F & I coaching and development logs


F & I coaching and development logs

We can point to the results enjoyed by the dealers we partner with to illustrate just how much working with us lifts our clients’ performance to another level.

Our suite of development and coaching reports cultivates a laser-like focus on a programme of regular reviews and the improvements which they deliver across all aspects of the business.

Our TCF software enables real time data input which can be analysed in depth to create a snapshot of current performance and a strategic overview of longer term trends. This information can then be used to identify problems, illuminate opportunities and highlight key areas for further development.
We’ve worked in the automotive sector for long enough to appreciate the power and value of comprehensive reporting and that’s why we provide reports for all levels of your business, from advisor to group.

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The comprehensive and seamless nature of our platform combines with the range of general insurers and administrators we liaise with to make it possible to register a policy quickly and simply without having to exit the TCF software. In addition to this, month-end processes include an extensive review of all documentation in order to confirm that any policies have been registered, removing the potential hazard of unregistered insurance policies.

The fact that our TCF platform is designed to deliver a bespoke system tailored to the needs of each business means that it can offer a huge range of services including automated business manager and sales advisor commission submissions and authorisations to departments such as payroll and accounts.



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