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About Automotive Systems

Since 2007, Automotive Systems (UK) Ltd have partnered with many of the leading Dealer Networks in the UK.

Through systems and processes which combine ease of use with sophistication and flexibility, we enable those dealers to work in a way which is fully compliant with regulations while simultaneously maximising profits.

Anyone who works in the industry will know that this combination – compliance and performance – is often impossible to achieve, with business opportunities having to take second place to regulatory impositions, or corners being cut to push deals through. When you work with Automotive Systems, the days of having to compromise the deals being made or the levels of compliance being met come to an end.

We don’t offer off the peg systems and expect clients to adapt their way of working. Instead, we create bespoke solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each client. The fact that we are affiliated with many of the leading UK companies specialising in general insurance and database management enables us to offer integrated systems to our clients. With everything in one place at one time, there is no need for multiple data entry, so the work that needs to be done can be done quickly and seamlessly.

Automotive Systems

For too long and in too many cases the belief has grown that compliance and performance are conflicting forces working within a business. Our expertise and experience has taught us that the opposite is true – that when the right platforms and systems are in place compliance can drive performance, and that’s what happens when clients work with Automotive Systems.

Although we’ve perfected the integration of technological solutions into the dealer network in a seamless and high impact manner we understand the importance of a strong support network of people with hands on experience in the field.

That’s why our clients can depend upon a friendly, knowledgeable team of Client Support Administrators and Compliance and Development Auditors, who work alongside our industry experts and will be ready and waiting, whenever needed, to deal with questions, solve problems and provide answers with a speed and expertise you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Take a look at our portfolio to gain an in-depth understanding of the range and impact of the solutions we offer in sales and F&I, from monthly audits which drill down in detail through each and every deal, to a state of the art compliance platform and bespoke performance management reports. We combine high impact technological solutions with a wealth of industry knowledge and extensive experience of how business works in the real world, and are waiting to use all of this to drive your business to the next level.

Tim guided us every step of the way through our accreditation process which went as smoothly as we could have wished for and our accreditation was achieved in good time, without any significant problems, confirming that our faith in Tims ability was fully justified.

Having achieved stage one we were quickly taken under the wing of Tims company, South Quays Limited, as Authorised Representatives for Insurance sales. His sister company, Automotive Services (UK) Limited, then took over the administration of our F&I sales process at dealership level.

The value of their service has become very apparent in more recent years as the need to demonstrate that we are Treating Customers Fairly has become a major factor in our F&I sales regime. Our day to day senior contact within AS (UK), their Operations Director Matthew Wilson has helped us move to another level as they don’t only ensure that the customer facing systems within our dealerships are effective and robust but, unlike many such companies, they take their service a significant step further. Not only is every customer taken through the comprehensive showroom compliance system, every deal is audited each month to ensure that we have complied fully with FCA Regulations and any discrepancies identified to local management for rectification where necessary.

Furthermore, the support and training provided by Matthew and his team are first class and nothing is ever too much trouble 24/7. In addition, for regulatory matters Tim is always available and assists in the maintenance of our FCA system ensuring that we are up to date with subjects such as SM&CR delivering us full compliance at all times.

In summary, the choice we made as group back in 2014 has proven to be an excellent one, given the very significant importance for motor dealers to maintain effective and fully compliant F&I service to their customers.

Well done to Tim, Matthew and their support team, I would recommend their services to another motor group without hesitation!

Rob Stevens – Rybrook Holdings