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Regulatory Software

Our software system is called Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) and that is exactly what it does. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned over 30 years in the industry and used it to create a system which is paperless and seamless. Simple and intuitive operation is combined with robust FCA compliance and a comprehensive reporting facility to deliver a platform that enables compliance to drive performance. TCF is tailored to each individual business and provides a consistent, intuitive interface which customers enjoy and Sales Advisors can rely upon.

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Appointed Representative

Take full advantage of everything which Automotive Systems has to offer by becoming an appointed representative. Trust our experience and expertise to run your regulated activity and ensure compliance with all FCA regulations, as well as having us act as a fully FCA authorised agent for your firm. Our expertise and experience becomes a part of your offer to customers. In simple terms, you can trust us to take responsibility for ensuring that your business complies with all FCA rules.

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F&I Coaching, Development and Reports

Our TCF system isn’t just a software solution that allows compliance to drive performance, it is an invaluable source of real-time data. Our reporting solutions gather that data and utilise it to focus on performance, development and delivery, with the results tailored to meet your precise requirements. It enables real time data input which can be analysed in depth to create a snapshot of current performance and a strategic overview of longer term trends.

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Training and Learning Management

We’re always working to improve and fine tune the service we offer to our clients, and we make it possible for them to do the same. Our training provision covers areas such as sales, F&I and FCA Regulations, and can be delivered online, via virtual video or in-house. It’s a truly tailored service – the training you need delivered when, where and how you need it. Our industry experts can deliver the tailored training workshops you need either in-house or virtually.

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‘’Automotive Systems provide a revolutionary approach to business performance through people supported by sophisticated systems that are simple to use.

We are well established and partner many of the UK's leading automotive companies to achieve truly outstanding results.

Anyone who works in the industry will know that this combination – compliance and performance – is often impossible to achieve, with business opportunities having to take second place to regulatory impositions, or corners being cut to push deals through. When you work with Automotive Systems, the days of having to compromise the deals being made or the levels of compliance being met come to an end.

Automotive Systems portfolio includes outstanding solutions for sales and F&I which maximises all opportunities to do business within a regulatory framework.

Our products can be used in isolation or on integrated platforms and they offer the ultimate in people and systems management.

Our clients can depend upon a friendly, knowledgeable team of Client Support Administrators and Compliance and Development Auditors, who work alongside our industry experts and will be ready and waiting, whenever needed, to deal with questions, solve problems and provide answers with a speed and expertise you simply won’t find anywhere else.

If you want the best in performance, then Automotive Systems are for you.’’

Tim Sheriff
Managing Director


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