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Training & Learning management

A Tailored Training Service, When & Where You Need It

We’re always working to improve and fine-tune the service we offer to our clients, and we make it possible for them to do the same. Our training provision covers areas such as sales, F&I and FCA Regulations, and can be delivered online, via virtual video or in-house. It’s a truly tailored service – the training you need, delivered when, where and how you need it.

Sales Training

Here at Automotive Systems, we take great pride in delivering our services in a tailored manner – everything we do is bespoke and designed to work with clients existing systems, processes and structures. We appreciate the fact that each client will need their own unique sales solutions, up to and including tailoring training to meet the requirements of specific individuals within a company. In this way the training delivered will be custom built to maximise the impact of performance management.

Our industry experts can deliver the tailored training workshops you need either in-house or virtually. Whether the sales training in question is delivered in a one-to-one format or as a group based activity, we can guarantee outstanding results and a notable uplift in your team’s performance.

Our tailored workshops which we can hold in house or virtually by our Industry Experts, deliver outstanding results time and again. Whether you require one-to-one Sales Training or Group-Based Training, Automotive Systems will work with you to increase your Team's performance.

Automotive Systems

FCA Regulatory Training

Any company that sells or offers insurance products must be authorised by the Financial Conducts Authority (FCA); therefore Every business is responsible for ensuring it's individuals are and remain proficient in the work that they do, the products that you offer and the ever-changing compliancy regulations that they need to adhere to.

Our FCA regulatory courses cover all of the areas affected by the FCA legislation as it applies to solely the automotive retail sector. We also provide insurance Product Specific Courses based entirely on the products you offer.

Automotive Systems can also offer a Platform for SAF Competence Training so that your teams only need to Rely on one Portal for Their training Needs. Any in house or virtual training an individual completes can be uploaded with a time taken into our Training Platform, which along with our online courses can be viewed in our management reporting suite.

All of our FCA Regulatory and SAF Competence Training comes with the benefit of a Lock-down Facility when used alongside our FCA Regulatory Software (TCF system) meaning that none of your employees will be able to sell vehicles without being fully competent.

We are industry-leading experts in this area and are in regular contact with the FCA responding immediately to regulatory changes.


Total Peace of mind

In our hands, you will have total peace of mind that your employees are fully trained and competent to perform their very best.


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