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Software Dedicated to Treating Customers Fairly (TCF)


Other Features of TCF

Our software system is called Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) and that’s exactly what it does. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned over 30 years in the industry and used it to create a system which is paperless and seamless. Simple and intuitive operation is combined with robust FCA compliance and a comprehensive reporting facility to deliver a platform that enables compliance to drive performance.

TCF is tailored to each individual business and provides a consistent, intuitive interface which customers enjoy and Sales Advisors can rely upon. As a highly specialised piece of software, TCF is regularly reviewed, updated and revised in line with any changes to FCA Guidelines and Regulations. The documents it creates are produced in clear, plain English, avoiding jargon and off-putting technical terminology, and every page comes in a professional standard format.

Our software is the only independent and comprehensive FCA and F&I product available across the industry. With TCF in place, the members of your team will be able to sell finance and products with the confidence of knowing that they are supported by robust, up to the minute software which has been tailored specifically to your needs.

  • Can handle multiple product providers and products making it the ideal choice for single or multi-franchised dealer groups
  • Red light warnings enable teams to see quickly and clearly when and where mistakes are being made
  • A state of the art e-signature facility enables reports and customers documents to be viewed remotely, facilitating any-time, any-place access and driving genuinely mobile working practices
  • Training compliance lockdown guarantees that the only members of your team able to give advice are those who have been confirmed to be competent
  • Full integration of TCF software with database management systems including dealerweb, Cooper Solutions FullAction, KOMPASS, pinnacle and Enquiry Max ensures seamless operation from day one. In addition, Automotive Systems is the first and only UK compliance company able to integrate and import data from CDK Drive. The practical benefit of this is a huge cut in the time members of your team have to spend entering data, freeing them up to concentrate on the vital business of looking after customers.
  • The comprehensive nature of the documentation produced helps to protect the dealership and its staff against unfounded customer complaints, including General Insurance Products and Consumer Credit.




A flexible platform that works the way you need it to

Built on a flexible and fully supported platform, specifically designed to be beautifully simple and easy to use while maintaining compliance in a multitude of areas.


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